Monday, May 30, 2011

summer begins

last week was our first week of summer break. we spent most of the week learning how to all be in the same house all day together. we had to relearn how to treat each other and how to clean up after ourselves. we worked on chore charts and good behavior charts ( i hope to post more on these soon).

we also played in the hose, rode bikes, had picnics, played with our baby animals, painted and built a city for our toys to drive through.
garret started out by drawing a cool track and it sparked some great ideas. so we worked together and used sticks, and rocks, and bricks, and grass, and seed pods and came up with a really cool little town. complete with a country road by the mountains and farm fields and the big high way that went around the outside.
it was fun to work on it with garret. it made me think back to when i was a kid. i loved doing that kind of stuff. garret thought i had some pretty cool ideas too so that made me smile. he kept saying "how do you know about this kind of stuff?" ha ha
this week we will spend packing and getting ready for a trip to florida. we are not going all the way down to mom and dads this time. we will be up in the clearwater area. we are going to visit great grandma joan in Ocala, scott and nicole in tampa and then meet up with some friends at their beach front condo. we might even try to squeeze in a trip to Disney half way through the week. we are SO excited. we have never gone on a week long summer vacation and are really looking forward to it.

ugg and i have been forgetting to name the things i have been thankful for at the end of my posts: so i'll try again...
cool mornings
the birds singing
warm evenings
a fresh cut lawn
girls with cute summer hair cuts
playing like a kid again
anticipation of our vacation
gold fish in the pond
fried egg sandwiches made with our own eggs
barefoot kids


Linda said...

I love this post Bonnie as each of us need to be reminded of how wonderful it is to have time to just enjoy being a kid, to relish in the good things about summer and to exercise creativity!

leah said...

What a fun mommy you are Bonnie!! I love all the creative activities you do with your kids, and so much of them are outside which is just awesome!

Tara said...

Oh I love that little town ya'll made! That would've been right up my alley to play with too! Too bad my kids don't think like that, yet!

Have a great trip to FL... and yes, squeeze in a trip to Disney if you can! You'll love it!!!!

Heather said...

So cool. I have to show Otis. Somedays reading your blog is so crazy because we do so much of the same things! For the past month the kids have making these amazing cities out of chalk in the caldesac. so creative. i took a bunch of pics but of course never got around to posting them. we also have a birds nest we've been watching. It's right in our front door wreath! So fun!

Erika Trevathan said...

Love the list at the end! Reminds me of all the wonderful things about summer:)