Tuesday, August 2, 2011

jori is ONE!

cant believe it is now AUGUST and im just getting to posting some one year old pictures of JORI. we celebrated her life on July 20th. one revolution around the sun, a year of so many firsts, and Lord willing many more to come.
remember this little 4 day old baby girl? i hardly do. the time has gone by so fast. faster with each child i think. she has been such a joy.
and here she is in all her one year old glory! so beautifully chubby, amazingly sweet, curiously adventurous and energetically mobile.
one year milestones: she started walking the day of her birthday
drinks from sippy cup and enjoys all the same foods that the rest of the family does.
fully weened by 11 months, i was sad about this but also relieved. it seemed as though one less pressure was on me. makes me sad to think she will most likely be the last baby i ever nurse.
(lol... she was not happy with me that i wouldnt stop and help her get the grass off her toes)
she finally does not give me such a hard time when i lay her down to change her diaper or clothes. (bout time girl) she actually helps me get her clothes on now. she takes two great naps still every day and dives into bed at night around 7:30. all the wid kids did the dive into the crib at night. i love that she is following suit with her brother and sisters.
she has 7 teeth now
she loves to be with the big kids and be into whatever they are doing. she loves to snuggle her blanket, still takes a paci and every once in awhile sneaks in her thumb. when you say "kiss" she leans in for one instead of giving you one. cuteness.
she copies some of their sounds, says da da great and knows who da da is. say hi, ki ka (kitty cat) ni ni (night night) but only says momma when she is tired.
she loves to play with her books and i am trying to be more intentional on reading with her and to her. i have not done a very good job of this with her, but she is loving it now so it makes it enjoyable for me as well.
i love the little wobbly walking pose here.

we have not had her official party yet. that is coming up this weekend. we did bring cupcakes out to camp one night so we could celebrate with daddy on her actual birthday. she LOVED the cupcake, probably more than any of the other kids. she smashed her face right in and just kept eating til it was all gone. poo, cant find the cord for my phone to upload the pictures of that night. will try to get them up soon.


leah said...

I can't believe she's already 1 and WALKING on her birthday, how awesome is that. I love these pictures Bonnie, you so inspire me to learn how to use my camera!!

Erika Trevathan said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Jori! My Bella turned 1 on the 17th of July, so they are very close in age. And I agree, beautiful pictures:)

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Jori! You are a beautiful, sweet little girl. Sure wish I could get you together with my Sams :) Ya'll would have a ball together!!!

PS. Bonnie, love that you used the same chair for her newborn and one yr shot.

Linda said...

Love her little dress and the picture of her toddling away! Surpised to see how much lighter her hair is now and how big she is in the chair! Such a cutie! Happy Birthday Jori!

kenzie said...

to cute Bon :) i love all of them! espicially the last one, TO CUTE!!! shes maturing so much right b4 our eyes... i love how she says ki ka for a word very ofen used in ur house, kitty cat <3 i think it was cool that u used the same chair for both photo shots. love ya and miss u soso much! tell the rest of the kids that i love them and give them all big hugs for me :)

Mrs. A said...

Happy Birthday, Jori! :) She is adorable, and I love all of the cool things that she can do.

Ruth Poirier said...

this little bundle IS the sweetest. I got to spend a week with her and it was SPECIAL. She is such an awesome babe. Love the way you capture her curiousty, frustration, and smiles. Last pic is definetly my favorite. Happy Birthday dear Jori.

katiew said...

Oh my gosh! I loved these pics so much. And she's a lucky little lady to have you as a mama. xoxo