Friday, October 7, 2011

beautiful lady

growing up my friends and i would get all dressed up and do home made "Glamor Shots". Glamor Shots was a place in the mall where you could go and they would do your makeup and hair and you had outfits to choose from, then they would photograph you and make you feel super pretty. i have always struggled with self esteem, but looking at my Glamor Shots photos, i always felt pretty. they always did a great job of telling you that you looked great and just really boosted my self esteem. so sometimes, my fiends and i would make our own homemade glamor shots. i enjoyed making someone else feel the way i felt at the real studio. i wish i had some photos easily accessible to show you. they are pretty funny now, but we sure enjoyed doing it.

one of my goals, when i do a photo shoot is to make the lady in the photos feel good about themselves. almost every shoot i do, the women are hesitant and say they don't care for photos of themselves. i hate this for them, as i know exact ally how they feel, BUT when i take their photo, my goal is to change this! i want them to look at the photos and feel beautiful, if it is a family shoot, i want them to be able to see how important they are to their families.

i had a blast last weekend playing "glamor shots" shots again with my friend kara. she is beautiful! i hope she sees it in these pics.
check out more of this REALLY FUN shoot here.

thankful for:
for date night with my hubby and friends last night
meds to make my little baby feel better
a house and bed to sleep in, even if i didn't get much sleep last night
amazing weather
getting out of the house peacefully this morning with the kids (not always the case)


Tara said...

You are so beautiful Bonnie and I'm sure that you made your friend feel beautiful too! Hope Jori feels better!

Linda said...

What gorgeous pictures! I love the third one and white. Her eyes are so beautiful in the color ones! What a blessing for you to use how you felt to make these ladies feel beautiful in your photo shoots!

Heather said...

Bon, these pics are AMAZING! You have such a creative eye. I always love the settings you choose. I need to find a way to get to you before this baby comes. :)