Monday, October 10, 2011

just a saturday in the back yard

the weather was AMAZING this past weekend. cool in the morning and evening but warm and sunny during the day. we spent most of our saturday outside... playing, working, learning.
we felt it was time to take raelyns training wheels off, she wasn't so sure it was time, but brenna thought it was a great idea. garret helped her take a lap around the yard.
we had a picnic lunch outside (you can still see jori's lunch all over her face) and jumped on the trampoline.
raelyn did take a try at the bike with daddy's help

brenna almost got it!. just look at that proud smile on her face.
a laid in the grass with baby kitty in my lap. anyone want a kitten. we are trying to get rid of 4 more kittens!
my handsome guy looking all grown up
just talking together on the tree fort
you can see it on her face...sweet joy of us just spending time together.

thankful for:
weekends spent in the back yard
our amazing backyard we have to enjoy
getting work done together as a family
eating a picnic lunch
making banana smoothies
watching my girls try new things


Tara said...

What a fun day! Love the beautiful and happy smiles on all the faces in these pictures!

Ruth Poirier said...

great time and love the smiles on all the faces. hope you have homes for all the sweet kittens before we get there, dont know if one will fit in the carry on :-)