Thursday, October 20, 2011

thursdays...i pinned it, i did it

YOU and ME frame:
the picture above is my original pin from interest. click here to take you to the crafty lady's blog with the great idea in the first place. I'm just the copy cat :)

Here is what mine turned out like. As usual, i did things a little differently than above. I painted my words on a piece of masonite. I think she used letter she bought from a store. Great both ways. I love it so much, might make one for myself.

What you need, to do it the Wid Kids way:
old frame- i got mine for .50 cents from thrift store with no glass in it.
paint for the frame- i used a light blue and then antiqued it with a watered down dark brown paint
paint for the wording- white
masonite cute to size- have a really handy hubby for that
print out of your letters
paint brushes

What to do:
1.) paint and antique the frame - to antique my frame all i did was water down some dark brown paint and quickly went over my DRY blue paint. let it sit for just a few minutes soaking down into the cracks of the frame. then take an old towel and quickly wipe some of the antique wash back off. you want to leave it in the cracks. pretty simple! and i just love this look.
2.) i picked a font and designed what i wanted it to say in photoshop then i printed it out.
3.) using another trick i learned from interest, i printed the words in REVERSE and then laid them on my masonite and used a wet sponge to transfer the words onto my board. i can not paint fonts that pretty free hand. this was a great little trick. it didn't completely transfer but it did enough for me to trace back around it with a pencil.
4.) paint your letters with white paint
5.) after this step o felt it looked a little to "crisp" for the look i was going for so i just took a DRY brush with just a little paint on it and rubbed it all over the masonite. i went a little darker in the corners but purposely went over the letters a little too so tone them down some.
and now your finished!

i feel like I'm not very good at tutorials. does that all make sense? if you want to do this project and have a question, just leave it in the comments. i'll get back to you.


Tara said...

Oh, I love it...even better than the one you copied!!!!

katiew said...

love it!