Friday, October 21, 2011

she's four today!

i have a hard time even comprehending this really. how did it happen? this last year has FLOWN by. i remember as a kid, feeling like the time went so slow, but my parents always commenting on how fast it was going. i think the older i get the faster it seems to fly by.

i have very vivid memories of going into labor and my delivery with my brenna. it was a truly amazing experience and one that i will treasure for a long time. the lord helped me deliver brenna drug free and with control. those memories of that morning are so crystal clear to me. however, many other memories are not so clear. it is hard to believe i started this blog when brenna about about six months old. i love looking back on some of the posts and rereading them and looking at the pictures... one of the benefits of the blog. it is great record keeping. i am my family historian. i like that! but just counting on my memory of events would be terrible as i have a really hard time remembering things the older i get as well.

i wanted to share a few photos of our sweet girl growing up:

i just can't believe how much more grown up she looks now this year. she has always had such cute chubby baby cheeks and they are starting to disappear and are begin replaced with a big girl face. brenna makes us laugh all the time and knows just how to do it. she is by far our "funny" child. she also is very determined. she wants to be a big kid so badly and do all the things her brother and sister do. she gives the most incredible smile when she is proud of herself about something. i just love it. she beams. she loves going to AWANAS and learning the verses in her Cubbies book. she loves to color and pretend to write notes to people. she loves to play horses and will ask you all day long to go up stairs and play horsies with her. she is strong, but a little clumsy. she is still a thumb sucker.

brenna, we love you so much. you makes us smile and laugh all the time and bring sunshine to our days. we are so proud of you.

looking forward to celebrating all weekend with you little girlie. love ya lots!


Tara said...

Happy birthday big girl Brenna!!!! So glad that you were born!

Em said...

Happy Birthday sweet Brenna!!!! Hope it was a great day!

Heather said...

Oh happy day Brenna! she is sooooo cute!

Linda said...

What a beautiful birthday girl! I know you can't believe she is already 4!!

Ruth Poirier said...

Happy Birthday "BEE" we sure do love you.

Kenzie said...

She getting so big! She beautiful just like her mommy(; love u guys!