Monday, October 3, 2011

free bedroom makeover

it is so hard to believe that it is OCTOBER! the new year will be here before we know it. this time of year always seems to fly by for me.

i wanted to share my FREE master bedroom switch up. not really a make over, just switching some things i already had around to give our room a slightly new feel. i love to change things up in our house and for the past few years i have switched out the bedding in our room. for six months i use my spring and summer stuff and for 6 months i use my fall and winter stuff.
the top picture is of the room done up for fall and winter and the bottom is of how it looked for the spring and summer. all my bedding coordinates with each other so just switch a few things around, same pillows just they are two sided, same throw but it is also two sided. the shames on the bed in the spring really go with the comforter i use in the fall and vice versa.

it is really hard to get a good picture of the color of our walls. it is more of a gray than is shows in any of these pictures and each one even seems to have a different tint. originally when we built the addition i wanted to do our room in grays and yellows, but i knew i already had these two comforters that i loved and i didn't have the budget to buy all new bedding. when i found the throw bellow i fell in love and it had grey, yellow and brown in it so i could still use the bedding i have had for years.
and a bonus was that it was reversible. i love things that have a double duty. my favorite pillow on the bed is reversible too. one side is plaid the other is the embroidered flowers.

do you switch things around to tend to love what you have and leave it? maybe my artsy brain gets tired of looking at the same thing.

thankful for:
a huge consignment sale that is going on in greeneville this week
cooler breezes
a relaxing and fun photo shoot with a friend this weekend
new couples attending our sunday school class
a warm house


Tara said...

I love it! I switch out our comforter, but leave everything else the same :) Great job though for your room! Love it!

Linda said...

Your mom was the first one to introduce me to changing out the bedding for the seasons and I thought it was a wonderful idea! Love how the picture above your bed goes so beautifully with whatever coordinating bedding you choose. Such a sweet bedroom. Love your taste in decorating!