Monday, October 10, 2011

camping old forge

the kids had a few days off this week so we planned a camping trip before the weather got to freezing cold. the friends of ours that we went on our summer vacation with, joined us as well.

the men were doing most of the planning. and i was having a hard time finding a sitter for jori, so i was just going to come for dinner sunday night and then head home with the baby. well my niece came to the rescue and stayed with jori sunday night at our house so i could go too.
this was the drive up to the campsite. so pretty as the leaves are starting to change.
this is just PART of the stuff we brought. A LOT of stuff for one night, thats for sure.
above is our campsite. perfect for two families, 4 tents, 5 children, lots and lots of blankets, yummy food, fun times around the campfire, and a awesome creek right behind it.
the kids looking for crayfish. they actually caught one and ate it! dave said he would cook it up if they all took a bite. it was pretty small so by the time they cleaned it and cooked just the little tale they all got a bite about the size of a pea. they were troopers to try it :)
there is this cool little natural swimming hole right there as well. too cold to swim in now but probably an awesome place to cool off in the summer.
we had a great spread of food while there. burgers, dogs, corn for dinner. cooked banana splits (slice a banana down the middle, fill with chocolate chips and marshmallows, wrap in foil and cook in the warm coals.... SO yummy!) and smores for dessert, and for breakfast we had a feast of homestyle hash brown potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes! breakfast is my favorite meal and this tasted so good.
reading time with mr. chad.
not a great picture, but a big step in garret growing up. dave gave him the pocket knife that used to be saves, that used to be his dads. the thing is so dull but still good enough to carve sticks and feel important. we are so proud of him and how responsible he was with it.

i have to say there was not a lot of sleep happening for me that night. maybe about 2 hours total. but it was a fun time and I'm glad my kids have a memory of me camping with them as well. dave has taken them a few times but i have never stayed with them overnight.

today we planned on heading to the knoxville zoo but it was raining this morning so we decided to go to the library, get some books and a movie, make some cookies and do a fall art project. i will share the project with you later this week. hope you all had a wonderful columbus day.

thankful for:
new movies at our little library
changing plans and the kids being ok with it
supplies already at home to do a fun project
enjoying an awesome campsite with my family
being able to attending a bridal shower for lynnsey
the rain, even though it changed our plans


Tara said...

What a beautiful, wonderful time with friends!

Ruth Poirier said...

love the area you all chose, beautiful to see the water and the leaves changing. Hope they don't stop before we get there.