Thursday, October 13, 2011

thursdays...i pinned it, i did it

todays "pinned it, did it" was a fun kids fall project that we did on their day off of school. i think i am really going to love having some of these "pins" for this winter when we have some snow days, I'm sure.

so anyways, we made these pumpkin pictures. below is the picture from my original pin. you can click here to follow it back to the original website.
Pinned Image

what you will need to get started:
-CLEAR elmers glue
-black construction paper
-oil pastels or artist chalk (raelyn had some that came in an artist kit she already had) I'm sure you can use regular sidewalk chalk but colors won't be as vibrant.

1.) start by drawing your pumpkin on the black paper with a pencil. use contour lines to show that the pumpkin is round. we added grass, a moon, and a curly vine.
2.) next take your clear glue and trace over your pencil lines. garret (8) and raelyn (5) did their own glue lines and did a really good job. i helped brenna (4) with hers.
the above picture is of brennas pumpkin. she did a really great job drawing it out.

3.) the next part is the difficult part..... you have to WAIT for the glue to dry. this took most of the day for us actually. so just let the kids know in advance that it takes a while for the glue to dry. might even be better as a two day project.
4.) once glue is dry, use your oil pastels or chalk to color in your picture. we worked on blending colors by smudging the colors with our fingers.

above: garrets finished masterpiece
above: raelyns finished masterpiece.

brenna was napping while we finished ours so she didn't get to color hers in yet. but i can't wait to see she she comes up with.

i love how they turned out. the kids had a great time doing them. maybe ill frame them and pull them out each fall.

thankful for:
little fingers all shades of blue and orange
for kids that love to do projects... makes my heart happy
seeing a sense of accomplishment on their faces


leah said...

so cute, I love them!!

Ruth Poirier said...

definetly frame them!

Tara said...

Yes, frame them! They turned out so good.