Thursday, February 2, 2012

i pinned it, but i didn't do it so well :)

ha ha... its true! there were a few projects i tried to do for Raelyns party that didn't turn out so well.

i have seen this picture posted on Pinterst over and over and i laugh each time....
some times our best plans don't turn out quite like we had hoped. :)

my birthday party fails:

i tried making some homemade play dough for the volcano. not sure what i did wrong but it turned out terrible. it seemed alright right after i made it. but when i got it out of the bags for the kids to play with it was soggy and wet and terrible. it was like playing with really think pancake batter. they didn't seem to mind though. we laughed and laughed and it still worked ok to make our volcano shape.

my second fail was trying to bake mini cakes in mason jars.... i saw this on Pinterst and just loved how it looked. so i tried it, problem was, the both 1/4 of the cakes never cooked all the way, again a soggy slimy mess. oh well, we live and learn.

if you want to try your hand at these projects you can find them here. I'm sure it was just my mistakes that made them terrible.
The Softest and Squishiest Homemade Playdough

Cupcakes in a Jar

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JUST A QUICK UPDATE ON MY FRIEND LEAH: her and her husband headed to the hospital last night around 5 to start induction... they waited for a few hours and were told to go home because there were no rooms available for them. so that is what they did! they went home and spent time with family and ate some dinner and seem to be doing ok. they will head back to the hospital this evening to try again. I know Gods timing is perfect and He is in control of every detail. please continue to pray for the Coca's.

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Tara said...

That cookie monster picture with "nailed it" made me laugh so hard! Sorry that the playdoh and cakes in a jar didn't turn out. Those looked really cool. And thanks for an update on Leah. I've been praying.