Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentines day 2012

the day started out lovely, we had our valentines addressed and sealed, valentine boxes made and decorated and ready to bring to school, special treats for the teachers, some cute hand made decorations around the house.

i got all the kids off to school and then jori and i ran a few errands. i wanted to pick up a few things for dave's new office, a rug, some picture frames and some canvases to paint something a little special for him.

came home got jori down for a nap, turned on some great praise and worship, got out my old paints and brushes and started painting. it was a little painful since i haven't done it in so long, but in the two hours i had to myself while jori slept, i was able to finish the paintings, clean it all up and take a shower!

i headed to school to pick up brenna first and then the others. we were going to surprise daddy at his office... this is where my day quickly changes.

kids were CRAZY! so much sugar at school i guess. everyone screaming at the same time in the car. i don't handle the noise well. when we got to the office, dave was in a meeting that i wasn't expecting. he thought he would only be about 10 more minutes.... that turned into about 30. so we all waited in the car until he was done. no one was happy by this point. my nice calm, quiet day had gone out the window. i hated how i let circumstances change my attitude so quickly, but i could feel myself going down hill fast! i had very little patience and was not speaking very kindly either.

by the time dave was done and we got in the office we got a text from our sitter and there was a miscommunication and she could not baby sit....

i tired to pull myself together, but was not doing a great job. my expectations for the day were unraveling like crazy.

we got home and did homework, but none of us with a very good attitude. i kept looking at the wall where i had hung the project we did for valentines. it was from 1 corinthians 13:4-8. it listed what God says about love. it is patient, it is kind, it is not jealous, it is not easily angered, it cares for others more than it self. i sure was not being a good example of these things to my children.

i had to stop and put myself in time out for a minute. i had to change my attitude and change it fast.

i had prepared a fun dinner for the kids while we were out. i had purchased all the stuff to make individual heart pizzas. so that became the dinner for ALL of us. i set the table with pink and red, the kids made their pizzas, we ate them up, had ice cream in cones, watched Funniest Home Videos and got ready for bed.

i was EXHAUSTED. it wasn't the day i had planned but God had something different planned out for me. he wanted me to reflect on his word and show Christ to my kids. he was giving me an opportunity to talk with garret about our reaction to things we don't like or don't have control over. it was a teachable moment. one where we both learned something.

i am thankful for it. for the moment with garret. i know it will stay with him longer since it was something he saw me struggling with as well. these are the moments that matter. that last, that mean something.

i wrote all the kids a card and some reasons why we love them so much, even when they are hyped up on sugar and driving me nuts :) they took turns reading them out loud, they loved them. the night ended up turning out all right.... the flowers, wine and chocolate covered strawberries dave brought home helped too :)

and so today is a new day. i asked for forgiveness from the kids, we ate a special breakfast together before school and we will try again for a date night tonight. thankful for new beginnings each morning!

i will leave you with this that i found over at the "Whatever" blog. i just love reading this blog.


katie said...

so cute, bonnie! it sounds like a (long) fun day!! you are a great mom!

Tara said...

Wow, sounds like you really did turn the day around! God was so honored by how you turned your attitude around and showed the love of Christ (and his forgiveness and mercy)!!!

I am so happy that you painted too. You must show us some new pictures of Dave's office!!!!! Love you! You are a great Mommy and wife!