Friday, February 24, 2012


missionaries come in all shapes and sizes....

our children at school
sponsoring a child through Compassion International
being a missionary over seas
helping out an neighbor
using our gifts and talents to spread the love of Christ... that is what it is all about.

using what we have been given to Love on other people.

i am so proud of both of my parents as they are both using their talents to do that very thing.

Dad is in Chad, Africa right now with a medical missions trip with the church. Dad doenst really have any medical training but the village also was having problems with their generator and water pump... two things that are of daily use to them and help with everything they do each day. I am amazed and proud of my dad. never in a million years could i picture him on a missions trip to Africa. He comes home in just a few short days. They are working at an orphanage. i told him to hug on some babies for me. mom thought he might try to bring one home if he could :) you can follow dad journey by going to the Spanish River Churches blog here. please join us in praying for the team as they finish out their time in Chad.

Mom isn't in Africa, but just as much using her talents for the Lord. mom is an awesome seamstress but got a little burned out. she tried doing a little sewing business and things just werent taking off like she had hoped. it is hard to put a lot of heart and time and energy into something that doesn't work out like you had hoped. Mom recently donated a bunch of her dresses to their church's clothes closet, but she also found this great opportunity to help show love and joy to kids struggling with cancer. you can check out the blog post about it here.
mom and her sewing buddies have made 20 bags filled with goodies to send off to young cancer patients. i know those kids will feel blessed with a new hand made gift. while mom and her friends sew the bags, they pray for the children receiving them and that is the greatest blessing of all.

so we don't have to travel far to be a missionary. we just need to do what we do best and love to do, but do it for the lord.

mom and dad, so proud of you guys. thanks for being a good example to us of sharing Gods love and story.

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Tara said...

Wow, I loved reading about this Bonnie. I love your family and will be praying for your parent's mission adventures!!!