Monday, February 13, 2012

multitudes on monday 40-51

kids are still sick... even with some medicine :( the baby has been up since 5:30 and very inconsolable.... it's days like these that are hard to come up with a list of things you are thankful for, BUT it is days like these that it is so important to do so. thanking God even in the moments we don't feel very thankful is when and where we find our joy in him.

40- the beauty created by the sun, and frost, and shadows this morning on the way to school
41- that it was 16 degrees and NOT negative 6 degrees this morning
42- a warm house
43- kids snuggling in my lap this morning
44- jori leaning over and giving brenna a genuine hug, just because
45- that we made it to school on time, without speeding
46- pacifiers and blankets
47- clean windows
48- my camera
49- scissors and glue sticks and fun valentine paper
50- Gods description of love 1 corinthians 13:4-7
51- for a haircut

ps...if you want to continue to follow leah's story you can read latest blog post here.

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