Monday, February 6, 2012

multitudes on monday

this weekend was quite different from the last but i am equally as thankful for it. i had the honor and privilege of meeting Elizabeth Grace and spending some time with her amazing family on Saturday. She was born just before 2:00pm on Friday and was still living and being loved on by her family on Saturday morning. I rolled over in bed and looked at Dave and I said, "this is crazy, but i need to go, i need to go now." And since he is so amazing, he said, "go get in the car"!

so thats what i did, i hit the road about 10 which got me to the hospital around 2:00pm. Elizabeth Grace had made it 24 hours! i stayed with leah and the family for about 5 hours and enjoyed every second of being there. Elizabeth was 5 lbs of love and life! she had a strong little grasp and perfectly shaped lips. Elizabeth made it through that second night and lived a full 48 hours! Complete gifts from God, only through His grace and miracles.
Elizabeth is now in heaven being loved perfectly by her heavenly Father. No better place. Leah and Onan have felt the prayers from so many on their behalf and are truly overwhelmed. God has held their hand every step of the way and I know He will continue to do so.

I am honored and humbled to be Leah's friend. she has taught me so much about trusting and PRAISING God no matter what the circumstance, being thankful no matter what He brings our way, knowing He has our best interest in mind.

thanking Him for:
22- meeting Elizabeth Grace
23- her smooth delivery
24- the amazing amount of time she spent here on earth being loved on by so many
25- comfort in knowing we will see her again in Heaven
26- safe travel there and back
27- a husband that willfully can hold down the fort and support me in a spontaneous trip
28- all the hundreds of people that are praying for the Cocas
29- kids happy to see me when i got back home
30- a little lady that is all of a sudden talking real words
31- for garret meeting his AR goal at school
32- for the proud face he had when he told me
33- for life sprouting up out of the ground

there will be a service for the Cocas tomorrow evening (tuesday Feb 7th at 6:00pm) please continue to keep them in your prayers.


Linda said...

Bonnie I was so touched when I read Leah's blog, and she and Onan sound like incredible people. I cannot imagine what they have been through, but with the grace of God, they have endured this loss with strength, faith and love, honoring the sanctity of life. The picture of Elizabeth's little hand grasping mommy's finger is absolutely beautiful...So grateful everything worked out for you to go meet her and be with Leah. They will be in my prayers...

Tara said...

I'm SO GLAD that you went Bonnie! I know that you have been such a good friend to Leah, and I cannot imagine what a joy your pictures will be for years to come. Continuing to pray for them...

Anonymous said...

How beautiful and precious. RP