Wednesday, February 1, 2012

worship in pain

worship and pain don't seem to go together, but when we bring our anguish to God, we actually honor Him.

my dearest friend leah will be induced tonight to deliver her sweet daughter Elizabeth Grace. she will meet, and hold, and kiss, and love her and then she will say goodbye. Elizabeth will not survive long after delivery. it is hard for me to even write these words without them becoming all blurred from tears. BUT God is using this little girl and my friends story for His GLORY, and even though this time is extremely hard for them, they are worshiping our God and honoring him with their lives.

my devotions today say this:
"How you handle your pain says a lot about what you think of God. It indicates whether you trust Him or not, even in your deepest despair it says that you may not understand your circumstances, but you know who governs them. It is a difficult expression of faith when faith is hard to come by.... When life hurts, give it to God. Trust Him with it. When you're crushed, your faith honors Him in way that your faith at other times cannot."
(from Worship the King by Chris Tiegreen page 277)

click here to read Leahs journey and be challenged and blessed by peace that only the Lord can give.

please join me in praying for the Coca's


leah said...

Can barely even type this comment without getting tears in my eyes. What a perfect devotion for today to give encouragement to you and Leah. Will definitely be praying for her and her husband tonight.

Tara said...

Wow, that devotion is so timely Bonnie. Praying hard as well.

Em said...

Praying for Leah and Onan