Monday, August 15, 2011

2,920 days old

in other words he is the BIG EIGHT years old. oh my sweet, strong, smart, active, loud, adventurous boy. we are so proud of you and who you are becoming. we pray for you daily that the savior that is in your heart will shine out and be a light to the people around you, that the holy spirit that is with you will guide you in making right choices, and that feel and know the love of your family every second of every day. you make me so tired and so happy all at the same time. i guess that is what a mothers love is all about. i can so vividly remember holding you for the first time. you were just absolute perfection, the most beautiful baby i had ever seen. your dad and i were completely crazy about you... and we still are today. keep up the good work. we can't wait to see Gods plan for your life. remember to love Him with all your heart and seek after him and he will lead you to great things. guess what? you. love, mom and dad


Linda said...

You have an eight year old? No way! Happy Birthday to your big boy and what a beautiful prayer and blessing you wrote for him.

Ruth Poirier said...

LOVE the picture and LOVE the boy behind those freckles even more.