Monday, August 8, 2011

water wall

ok folks... last week was tough here at the wid household. i didnt have anything planned out and things fell apart. kids were fighting with each other, they were bored, i became addicted to pinterest, and everything went downhill. we had had such a good summer and it all came crashing down last week it seems. i was searching my brain for fun things for the kids to do and we did a few art projects (i will show a little later) but i also found this idea on pinterest.

a water wall! we dug through our recycling bucket, got some big scissors, an old piece of wood, some screws and a screwdriver.

we cut holes in the jugs and buckets and then screwed them to the wood to make a little fountain for the water to trickle down through.

they helped with all the steps, even jori. we had to pull screws out of her mouth and take the scissors away from her just a few times. :)

so here it is.... the kids had fun playing with it and watching where the water would go. if you add a collection bucket at the bottom they can just keep playing and playing. it has been really hot here so this helped us stay cool too.

here is the link i found to make your own water wall....


Tara said...

How cool! What a great idea!

And yes, Pinterest is addicting! I have to limit my time on there because otherwise I could spend hours!!!

Linda said...

Looks really creative and a great idea for hot summer days! Yes, Pinterest is crazy addictive...but I actually did make my first recipe from there last night and it was delicious! Hope to put more ideas and recipes into practice.

Ruth Poirier said...

maybe i should stay away from pinterest!! but this waterwall sure looked fun to construct and to play with.

Joy Elizabeth said...

Aww! Everything you do is so sweet! I love it!

leah said...

Such a cool idea!!

And yes, PINTEREST IS ADDICTING... I have only gone on it once or twice on my computer... that's my newest addition on my phone though when I'm nursing!! ahh