Monday, August 15, 2011

and they're off

just like that, like a blink of the eye and have two strong, healthy, excited kids walking to school... TOGETHER. together is the best part. garret and raelyn are so excited to be going to the same school and seeing each other during the day. i love that garret is just as excited as raelyn is that they will get to go to the same school. last wednesday was the first day of KINDERGARTEN for raelyn. she was SO excited. she has been counting down the days since her last day of her little mind it has been a REALLY long summer.
garret is now a 3RD GRADER! wow that seems so old. i have to admit though i was way more nervous about garret starting 3rd grade than i was about raelyn starting kindergarten. after the rough start we had last year my heart has just been so heavy for him. i just keep praying. i heard once... "pray until you no longer feel anxious" so i have been on my knees for my son a lot the last couple of days. garrets teachers name is Mrs. SUNSHINE! no joke. how can you go wrong with a name a like that. i think she will be a great match for garret... and just keep praying.

i let brenna take a few pictures with my camera the day before and she had the settings all messed up. i didnt have time to change them all back so the pics are blurry, but i kind of like how they show the action, excitement, motion and hurry of the morning.
walking to the car!
i parked and walked the kids into the school for their first day.
raelyn walking into her classroom. her teachers name is Miss. Amanda and she says she loves her already.
she is cute and young and i have only heard great things about her.

wow... such a big change in our family to have two children in school. we love Doak Elementary and the staff there and feel blessed to have our children in a school where we know the administration love the Lord. cant say that about to many public schools. no school will be perfect but we feel blessed to have them at Doak right now.


Tara said...

Raelyn is in Kindergarten?!? Whoa!!! What great first day pictures and I love that she loves her teacher already! Praying for Garrett and for you with only 2 kids at home! You're not going to know what to do with all your free time :)

katie said...

adorable, bonnie! i feel like i am looking at you when i see raelyn!

Ruth Poirier said...

how exciting, i remember back when you and scott were walking off together. we keep praying too. tomorrow our 8th grader starts her first day!!!

Linda said...

Great pictures of a very special time...two in the same school! Love the new backpack and tennis shoes for the school year! Praying for a wonderful experience for both of them and with Mrs. Sunshine, Garret can't go wrong!

kenzie said...

aww looking good bonnie!! <33333 these pics r so cute! i love raelyns back pack, its so cute :) and i think that the pic of them 2 walking together is so sweet, u can deff c the love there. love u guys and i miss u alot! lol ttyl