Monday, August 15, 2011

lego party for garret

we kept garrets party much simpler than jori's. he just invited a few boys from his school, they played outside, the built legos, they ate cake and just played together.
i made the lego head cake. it is just three layers of cake from a small sized cake pan, i used the left over batter to make a few cupcakes. so to make the top of lego mans head i just cut a cupcake in half. i used food coloring to make the yellow icing and then tried my best to get it all smooth. not perfect but good enough. then i melted down some chocolate for the smiley face. after the chocolate was melted, i got out some wax paper and i just took a spoonful of chocolate and tried to make equal size eyes and a smile. after getting the shapes i liked on the wax paper i put it in the fridge for a few minutes and it was hard again. i did it about three times before i got the eyes the right size. also i had to let the smile harden back up again around a bowl so that it would match the contour of the lego mans head. does that make sense. feeling like im making it sound harder than it was.
the boys entertained themselves outside in the tree fort, flying back and forth on the zip line and jumping on the trampoline.
then we came inside and we gave each of the boys a little lego set that built a car. dave and i helped the build their cars if they got stuck. they really enjoyed this. i love watching their little minds and hands work to build things. i loved legos when i was a kid too. brings back memories.

after all the cars were built we raced them! the stairs going up to the second floor of the addition have this perfectly built in "slide" or in this case, race track.
they raced them for a long time and then dave set up legos at the bottom of the track they tried to hit and knock over, like bowling. many times the cars would fall off the track and the cars would burst back into about 50 pieces and we would all search high and low for the itty bitty head lights, but they sure had a ball.
then it was time for presents.... you can tell when your kids are growing up when the kid opening presents isnt being mobbed by the rest of the party to see what they got :)
and then it was time for cake AND DR. PEPPER. we hardly ever let the kids drink soda, especially soda with caffeine, but somewhere, somehow he tried dr. pepper and decided it was his favorite. he very much enjoyed this special treat :)
wow, i just cant believe how grown up he is getting. i loved hearing the boys play upstairs together. i know garret enjoyed having some boys in the house, that is for sure.

we love you garret, happy birthday!

alright, i think i am officially partied out.


Tara said...

Great cake, great activity, and great party! Happy birthday Garret!

Ruth Poirier said...

Grat job Bon another party well done. Looks like everyone had a fun time, love all those goofy faces from the boys.

Kenzie said...

OMG the cake is awesome!!!!!!! Lol. I miss u guys! Happy birthday Garret! Love u bud!