Monday, August 8, 2011

orange and pink flamingo party: invites and cake

i am going to do the birthday party in a few posts because i have lots of pictures and i little projects i did that i want to share. this post is all about the invitations and cake. i created the invitations in photoshop and then just jazzed them up a bit with scrapbook paper and buttons. i have not scrapped in awhile so this was fun for me to play with paper again. :)
i found some cakes on pinterest that were my inspiration for the cake. i just loved the ruffle and the color fade.

the ruffle was super easy. i just cut about a 12 in piece of fabric and then very quickly took a needle and thread and did a very loose running stitch and then just gathered the fabric to make the ruffle. way easier than getting out the sewing machine like in the tutorial i found.
actually making mine wasnt that hard. i used two white cake box mixes, split the batter and added food coloring to make the colored layered cake on the inside. then for the outside i just quartered my frosting and added food coloring again to make my different colors. it was pretty easy to frost as i just followed the lines of the layers of the actual cake. i started with the bottom layer and worked my way up.
jori enjoyed her cake again. love that messy frosting face just soaking up all the action going on around her.

and a pic of our fam after the party. we all had a really fun time.


Ruth Poirier said...

love the inside of the cake as much as the out side so fresh and yummy. Sure looks like Jori enjoyed it. Love the invites also, cute and creative you amaze me with your talent and the details, way to make a special time for a special one year old. can't wait to see more.

Mrs. A said...

The invitations are so cool! I love them. They must have taken quite awhile to complete. I hope everything else with the party went smoothly.

Tara said...

How cute!!!! Love the personalized, adorable invites (you are so talented) and the layered cake. Perfect for that party!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the details!

Emily S said...

so cute! It all looks so good! I wish we could have been there for it! You are looking GREAT by the way! Love you friend!

leah said...

WOW love all your details! The invite is perfect and that cake is AWESOME!!! Dang you are so creative!