Wednesday, August 10, 2011

party : water fun

because it has been so hot here i wanted to have lots of water activities to keep all the kids cool. we got the little pool for jori for her birthday and filled it full of water guns and an awesome inflatable flamingo from the Dollar Store. i love that place. they actually had lots of little flamingo things i used for the party.

we had a slip and slide hooked up
did a water ballon toss ( i love jori walking right through the middle of it) obviously the games were all for the big kids :)
i also made these fun sponge balls. i found them here. they were fun to throw at each other and jori had fun splashing around with them in the pool too. i think i am going to bring them inside and use them in the bath tub. dont want all those sponges to go to waist.
we also had the water wall set up that the kids and i had made earlier in the week. it was a much cooler night and we enjoyed ever bit of it and the cooler breeze that came with it.


Tara said...

Your backyard is perfect for these activities!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

you have such a beautiful, big backyard. perfect for family gatherings.looks like everyone had fun and stayed cool. now for the next celebration this weekend!