Thursday, August 11, 2011

party: the rest of the details

the dessert table. i love just one little candle on the cake. sweet.
marshmallow pops, also sweet. this is super easy to do. you get the meltable chocolate, melt it in microwave, i added some pink food coloring (but it made the chocolate a little harder to use), put stick in marshmallow, dip marshmallow in chocolate and then dip in sprinkles. brenna helped me with this project, it is that easy. they sure do add fun and color to the party and for cheep.
dollar store amazingness.... these straws are actually the inspiration for the whole party. when i saw them at the dollar store i fell in love and so the orange and pink flamingo party was born. i didnt want to go the luau route so i needed to be selective on what all i got from the dollar store.
i made each of the girls a flamingo shirt using printable iron-on paper. you can get it at any office supply store. you print your image right on the paper from the computer, in my case it was the flamingo, then you just iron it on. i ironed it on to another colorful fabric and then used Wonder Under (the lazy woman's way to applique) to "glue" it to the shirts. have you ever tried this stuff? i love it.
we had build your own cold cuts sandwich with lots of toppings to choose from, dill pasta salad, watermelon and cool jello salad, the perfect kind of summer dinner.

singing happy birthday to our girl
brennas flamingo shirt. also in this picture you can see the party favors. super easy again.. a cup of strawberry applesauce, a cup of baby oranges, some smarties and an orange pack of chiclets gum. i am a big fan of party favors that will actually be used or eaten instead of just junkie toys. food always seems to be a winner :)

so thats it... and in just 2 days we get to do it all over again for garrets 8th birthday. nothing quite as fancy, but a party to celebrate our awesome son. he wants to have a lego party so i have been searching pinterest for lego party ideas. so many fun things. trying to keep it small this time around though.

hope you enjoyed. we sure did.


Mrs. A said...

You are the party queen. Someday when I'm planning childrens' birthday parties, I'm coming to you for advice. :) Great job, and everything looked beautiful.

leah said...

I seriously think you could go into business with your parties! Every detail was just perfect!!

Abby said...

I SOOO wish we lived closer!! I'd hire you for all our photography and party needs! Plus, maybe your skills would rub off on me just a little. :) A

Tara said...

Love those straws too! And great idea with the party favors!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

Some of my favorite colors together. Everything looked so fun and yummy!! Wish we could be there for all the fun parties. Look forward to the lego party up next!!