Thursday, January 19, 2012

6 year old portraits

yesterday after school i did a really quick photoshoot with my six year old! it was freezing so we moved fast :) but i just can't get enough of these pictures. they all show a different side to her little personality and i love it. click on the photos so see them larger.

"mom, its freezing!"

"cold, cold, cold"
love her little hands.
warmer and happier :)

being silly :)

looking beautiful... take my breath away

you made me a very happy momma taking some photos with me. you were a trooper. i love you so much.... "never lettin' go"


Tara said...

Oh I love these!!! She is such a little model and the one of her winking is precious! The one of the two of you is beautiful too!!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

so many are my favorite, guess i cant choose. you are so right, that these show many different sides to one precious and beautiful little girl. happy birthday sweetie

Linda said...

From her blue eyes, to her playful personality, I love all of these shots! There is no doubt she is your daughter in that last picture. Glad it was cold so she could bring out that adorable hat!