Friday, January 6, 2012

a GREEN and BLUE christmas

yep thats right! a BRIGHT BLUE and GREEN christmas is sunny warm florida! can you tell i loved every second of being in Florida for christmas? here are a few of my favorite things about our trip... in no particular order.
being all together to get a family photos
beautiful dresses that gram made for the girls for christmas eve service at church
a trip on the tri-rail to Bass Pro Shops and than a lovely dinner

a special lunch with just the, me, nicole, kenzie, brenna, raelyn and jori
sister timeAMAZING worship at our old church Spanish River. wow i miss it.
singing silent night with lit candles...a christmas eve tradition
reading a good book on the back porch in sandals
papa p's annual christmas lunch down at the shop
spending time with my sister and brothers.... when did they become so much bigger than me
enjoying a meal outside on the back porch
having to combine two tables because our family is so big :)
the hand made place cards, made by garret, on the table
having grandma and aunt margaret healthy enough to spend another christmas with us
eating delicious wild turkey that my hunter of a husband shot with a BOW and ARROW... he's amazing
trying out some new wines
watching my guys work together on fun projects
having my brenna boo curl up in my lap on christmas morning
being barefoot and in short sleeves with amazing green foliage all around
watching mom and dad open i pads they got each other, not knowing they had gotten them for each other :)
watching jori spend time with her uncle logan... she was planted by him all christmas morning
mom and dad GIGANTIC tree
a pile o presents... I'm not gonna lie, my parents spoil us bad, it is nice to be the recipients of their generosity
so many people in one room, you can barely see the carpet
spending time with scott and nicole
seeing GiGi smile watching the kids play at her house on christmas eve
VERNORS ginger ale.... can't have a meal at GiGis without vernors

keeping the tradition going of having christmas eve dinner at grandma and aunt margarets house
watching the kids play her piano
special memories being made
making donuts with gram and papa p one morning
wow... thats a lot of favorites... i have a few more that aren't even photographed.
- we ate at our favorite mexican restaurant down by dads shop
- pedicures with all the big girls, a special treat from mom
- swimming at miss Dianes pool
- running with my bro and sister in law
- playing card games

i could keep going I'm sure.... after typing up this list, i have so much to be thankful for. God is so good, we are blessed. thanks mom and dad for opening our house for our big family. we sure do take over when we come, but we love every minute. wish we could do it more often.

hope you all had a lovely christmas filled with "favorite things" as well.


Tara said...

Loved this post and all your favorites from your time back home in FL :) Can't believe your parents got each other iPads without the other knowing! How funny. Love the back porch shots and all the traditions. We love your family!

Linda said...

Been waiting to see pics of Christmas in Florida. Looks like quite a celebration and I love seeing the whole family together. You know how special they are to us! Weather seemed perfect and looked like so much fun to eat some of the meals outside!

Ruth Poirier said...

We had such a great celebration with everyone here! When you start writing it all down, doesn't seem possible we did all that. We had bodies, toys, clothes, food everywhere! I WOULD NOT trade any of it for a silly minute. I' m so glad you love to take pictures and do this blog. Thanks for wonderful memories.