Thursday, January 26, 2012

i pinned it, i did it - birthday parties

i didn't get many pictures of the kids making these at the party so brenna and i made another one yesterday to show you what to do.
what you need:
- plastic toy of choice
- confetti
- sequins
- glitter
- water
- glycerin (or baby oil...i used the glycerin but baby oil would be less expensive and i found some sites that said that worked fine.)
- jar with a lid (think about using what you might already have, babyfood jar, spice jar, ect. since i didn't have enough of the same type of jar for the party i found these jars at Hobby Lobby. i got them for a dollar each since all their glass wear was 50% off... bonus!)
- glue to seal your lid (not pictured) I used a two part epoxy you can find at the craft store or walmart.

what you do:
1. Add your toy, glitter, confetti, sequins. the glitter floats the best since it is the lightest.
2. Add your glycerin (this is what will make your sparkly things float) i filled my jars about 1/3 full with the glycerin.
3. Fill the jar the rest of the way with regular water.
4. Seal your lid. i used a two part epoxy that i found at Hobby Lobby. you don't want your little ones removing the lid and having everything spill out.
5. Shake and enjoy :)

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Linda said...

How fun and perfect for everyone to take home as a momento!

Sarah Lampesalot said...

Hi, I just found your blot randomly after hitting the "next blot" button from my own...and just so happens I'm planning my sons 5 year old bray party next weekend! I have the dinosaur rocks in the oven now and plan to do the snow globes as well. Thanks so much for the detailed step-by-steps!!!