Monday, January 30, 2012

multitudes on monday

this weekend was nice, it seemed like maybe what normal people do on the weekend, enjoy each other, running a few errands, but mostly, no plans! it seems like our weekends are usually as busy as the rest of the week and it that just wears us all out. this past weekend was a nice break from the hustle and bustle.

so i continue my list:

13- thankful for slow weekends to enjoy my family
14- that dave and i got to work on a project together. i love working with him.
15- for protecting raelyn when she fell from a very high spot this weekend
16- for friends who show me what trusting in the lord and his plans is all about
17- thats some plans are coming together for dave and i to take a trip together
18- pancakes for breakfast sunday morning (that i didn't have to make or clean up)
19- thankful that baby slept through the night even though she was running a slight fever
20- for garrets continued progress in school
21- for raelyns ease with school


Tara said...

Love your list and lazy weekend! Can't wait to hear more about yours and Dave's trip!!!

Linda said...

Always so many little and big things to be thankful for...just love your reminders! Sure hope the trip works out...trying to plan on helping Tara and Jamie with one too. You young parents of busy children need it!

Em said...

Yeah for all of them, but especially the trip! :)