Tuesday, January 24, 2012

dinosaur birthday party

oh man, the party was so much fun. we just had a small group so we were able to do lots of fun projects. raelyn had three girl friends from school, two boy friends from church and her brother and sisters at her party. hard to get a picture of everyone, below is the best i got :)

i set up our sun room for the party. it was a rainy day and this room gave us the most amount of natural light. we had four tables set up with burlap on the tables then i got some of that crunchy paper you fill gift baskets with and plastic dinosaurs we had already to decorate the tables.

for the activities we made a volcano with play dough and then decorated it with rocks and trimmings from our bushes outside to make it look like an actual landscape. they did a great job. it looked really cool. more details on how i made the play dough and how we erupted the volcano coming soon.

i LOVED seeing raelyn have a good time with her friends!

we also dug for dinosaur bones
we made snow globes
and ate like dinosaurs (carnivores and herbivores)
more details on the projects coming soon. they were all really easy and inexpensive. i can't wait to share them with you. also.... there were a few pinterest fails that happened this time around, not everything turned out as perfect as i had hoped, BUT we all still had a good time and i could laugh it off :) it's good to laugh at yourself often.


Tara said...

What a fun party! Love, love, love the decor, the crafts and the food! So fun!

Heather said...

oh how i love that your little girl had a dinosaur party! what fun!

Kenzie said...

Wow everything looks great! Looks like she had a blast with everyone(: love ya

mark lawrence said...

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