Thursday, January 12, 2012

i pinned it, i did it - kids crafts

(from left to right: first two are brennas, orange one is mine, next two are raelyns and the last two are garrets)
these were super easy and fun for the kids. i collected toilet paper rolls for a little while. honestly didn't take to long to get this many. with 6 people in the house we go through a lot of toilet paper.
what you need:
toilet paper rolls
paint and paint brushes

what you do:
1.fold the top two edges of the roll into each other, this forms the ears of the owl, you can tape or glue them in place at this point if you want. we did not. they seemed to stay in position just being folded
2. paint your owls a solid color
3. when paint is dry, use a marker to draw on the features of the owl
- i let the kids use a sharpie marker for this step. they LOVED using the Sharpies and thought that was the best part. normally the Sharpies are for mommy only :)

i love how they turned out. the kids loved creating them and they we stuck them all over our christmas tree. they would be a fun project any time of the year though.


Linda said...

Those owls are so cute, and something everyone could do in their own unique way!

Ruth Poirier said...

very cute, and looks like fun. Garret is growing into such a fine artist also. the comment about the sharpies is funny. :-)