Thursday, June 23, 2011

11 sweet years

and many more to come.
it just blows my mind that we have been married for 11 years!
however when i look at pictures of our wedding day i do look like i am 11 years younger in them :) i was a baby when we got married. just a mere 20 years old. i wouldnt change a thing though. i feel so blessed to have married this man. there is no doubt that the lord brought us together and marriage was part of his plan.

june 10th was our actual anniversary date and we didnt really get to celebrate because it was our last day of vacation, but we set aside a night the next week and headed out to a nice dinner. i dont get dressed up much so it was fun to have a reason to put on jewelry and makeup. we went to a place called Cheddar's and then went and walked around a bookstore for awhile. totally NOT daves thing, but was really sweet of him to do it for me.
isnt he so handsome? love you babe. praying we grow very very old together.

thank you lord david. he is the best gift you have ever given me.


Tara said...

Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple! So happy that you all got married!!!! It was a beautiful wedding that was just the beginning to a beautiful marriage. Happy 11 years!

PS. You both look so nice all dressed up. Jamie has the same shoes that Dave is wearing :) He loves them!

Linda said...

You two still look mighty young to me! Happy Anniversary and I know you will enjoy growing old together!

Ruth Poirier said...

You two look great, and make a great couple. So glad God brought you two together also. Was wondering where you were for the picture and realized it's your backyard (i see Raelyn peeking out) your yard always looks so beautiful too with all your pretty flowers.

Emily S said...

So glad you guys got a night out to celebrate! happy anniversary to an amazing couple and some awesome friends!