Thursday, June 23, 2011

jori 11 months

11 year anniversary... 11 month old baby.... SLOW DOWN TIME, please slow down. i am really not happy about this sweet quiet, not completely mobile baby is growing up so fast. i love the baby stage. i will miss it dearly.
jori is now standing independently all the time, she even stood up all on her own the other day (like without pulling up on something)
she walks along the furniture and by holding your hand. still no steps on her own.
she loves to eat graham crackers and has to be double fisted.
still doing cloth diapers 80% of the time.
drinks from a sippy cup.
eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (yes i know i should not have given her peanut butter yet... 4th baby, that is all i can say)
she has been getting a bottle of formula after i nurse her every night before bed. my supply has really gone down the past few months. she takes a bottle great. im not sure i am even going to make it another 4 weeks nursing her. i would love to get to the one year mark though.
her second top tooth came in but it is on the left again. so she has two top left teeth and no top right teeth. it is so funny. it cracks me up when she smiles :) actually i just noticed that the right two finally broke through her gums so by her first birthday we will be able to see all those pretty little teeth.
she loves to swing and be outside.
she loves watching the kids play outside.
she loves to eat.
still hates to have her diaper or clothes changed.
is now enjoying bath time a little more.
still has a hard time pooping.... poor girl.
when i ask her to say ma ma.... she says da da!
she can do the little indian call thing
still takes two really great naps and goes down for bed around 7:30
her hair is getting longer and thicker
she looks so grown up when there is a little clip in it

thankful for my quiver being full! many days i feel very out numbered but then i think about how God has said these children are gifts from him. they are the best blessing in the world. i just need his strength daily to help me get through the days and raise them in a way that i eventually led them right back the Lord who gave them to me.


Emily S said...

She is so adorable! I can not believe she is 11 months already!

Tara said...

What a cutie patootie! Happy 11 months Jori!

Erika Trevathan said...

Sweet 11 month update! My baby is also 11 months now. Is it just me, or isn't it kind of heartbreaking knowing it's almost weaning time? I will also miss the baby stage.