Friday, June 17, 2011

redington Shores: Tuesday June 7th

our little swimmer! i seriously could not believe how fast she just kept progressing each day we were here. we would spend our mornings out in the ocean and then head to the pool for an hour or so before lunch. i think the kids preferred the pool. the salt water stung their noses, eyes and any little boo boos they had.
raelyn loved going under the water with goggles on and looking around. here she is making silly faces with her daddy.

such a great daddy! we are blessed.

garret loves the pool too and has become a great swimmer as well. however he dodged the camera all day long, so no pics of my handsome boy in the pool this day.

we ate lunch down at the picnic tables each afternoon. the birds would come right up to us and want some food. we told them not to give them any while we were at the tables or they would come and swarm us. the kids saved some of the their crust from their sandwiches and when we were done we walked out to the sand to feed the seagulls. it didnt take long and we had a lot of seagulls begging for food. the kids all loved it.

tuesday night marcie and i cooked dinner at the condo. we had spaghetti and garlic bread. it tasted so good after a long day in the water and sun. after dinner we headed out to a large local pier (i forgot what it is called) we played on the play ground and we watched street performers (garret was even part of one of the acts) then walked out on the pier and looked at all the cool things they were selling.

again another lovely day!

seagulls that ate bread from our hands
pb & j sandwiches on the picnic tables
working together with a friend to make a yummy dinner for our families
watching garret enjoy the street drummers
watching the girls get more and more confident in the water
playing on the play ground as the sun went down

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Tara said...

I love your posts about this trip! Your pictures are amazing- the color just pops! What an awesome time you had!!!