Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tampa day two: uncle scott and aunt nicole

sunday we hung out at scott and nicoles house in the morning again so jori could nap. then we headed to a really cute little town called Dunedin. nicole took us to a great sandwich shop where we could eat outside and enjoy the ocean breezes.

then right next door to the restaurant there was a little pottery painting shop. the kids each picked a piece to paint and we all enjoyed getting creative. i didnt bring my camera with me this day. so i dont have any pics of our lunch or art session.

after we painted we took a little walk down to the boat ramp and put out feet in the water. the kids enjoyed looking at the sail boats and walking down the docks.

we ate a quick dinner with them sunday night and then headed to meet up with our friends at the beach condo. we were sad to leave. we all had such a wonderful time. scott and nicole sure knew how to make us feel special. i especially enjoyed a little shopping time with just nicole and watching the kids love on their aunt and uncle. memories were made this weekend, that is for sure.

scott and nicole...thanks again for having us! you guys have a wonderful home. we are so proud of all the great work you have done to it and the life you have built together. we love you.

yummy sandwiches pilled high full of meat
gigantic pickles
watching the kids paint
shopping for shoes with nicole
watching the kids with their dog reghan
sail boats
walks next to the docks
warm sunshine and cool ocean breezes
comfy beds to sleep on
spending time with my brother


Tara said...

What a wonderful day you all had! So happy for you to be able to make such memories with family!

Linda said...

I love your list of all the things you were thankful for as you spent time with Scott and Nicole. It warms our hearts as parents when our kids grow up to love and appreciate having brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews!

leah said...

I love your lists too, such a great reminder to appreciate all things big and small!

Looks like you all had such a great time with them and did such FUN things!!

Ruth Poirier said...

great to hear and see all the things you got to do together. wonderful memories for sure.