Monday, June 20, 2011

Redington Shores: Thursday June 9th

are you getting tired of beach and pool pictures yet? only two more days of our vacation to blog about. to be honest im getting a tired of blogging all of them, but i dont want to forget any part of it. i loved every minute.
thursday morning we woke up slow after not getting back to the condo until 1:30 in the morning. it was nice the kids actually slept in a little while too. after a slow start the kids all headed straight to the pool.
is this torture or funny? im not quite sure.
garret was still dodging the camera so i told him to rocket out of the water and it would look cool and i would take his picture like that.
later that afternoon, dave and the big kids all took some rest time. brenna slept while the big kids watched a movie. this was just about the time jori was waking up from a nap so i took her down to the beach and set up a blanket under the pier, just her and i. this time with her is one of my top memories from our trip. she is such a sweetie. i dont get a whole lot of one on one time with her during the normal day at home, so i soaked this all in.
she was content to sit on the blanket with me and play with toys and my glasses :) the breeze was amazing and it just felt so good to be outside soaking in the fresh air.
thursday night we made tacos as the condo and then headed to another pier area and got wine cream! ice cream made from wine. it was SOOO good. never had anything like it.
we walked a little farther down the docks and got regular ice cream for the kids. the kids also went into a alligator learning place... they got to see lots of gators and garret even got to feed the baby ones some hotdog pieces off a string. they told him not to just let the gators get the food right away but to make the work for it like if they were in the wild trying to eat crickets. he did a great job and the girls enjoyed watching.

thankful for:
special time spent with jori
eating something i have never had before
a great picture of me and my friend
her amazing friendship that is such a blessing to me
pictures of my family at sunset
raelyn wanting to hold jori and asking me to take a picture of them together
watching garret "train" an alligator

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Tara said...

I love that picture of your family!!!! What a great day you had... And I just have to tell you that I've never heard of wine cream before! Crazy!!!