Thursday, June 23, 2011

fathers day 2011

it may look like i made my husband cook his own fathers day breakfast but that is not the case here. he was in fact making yummy homemade donuts, but it was something he had been wanting to do for a long time now.

daves uncle has opened up 4 donut stores located on the outer banks of north carolina beaches. the store is called Duck Donuts. they make hot, fresh, made to order donuts. dave has helped his uncle build all of the store fronts and has enjoyed many duck donuts. a long time ago daves uncle sent us a package full of donut mix and all the toppings to make our own donuts at home!

dave was so excited... me not so much. i just thought it was going to be so messy. you cook the donuts in oil. i knew it would make his day to try our hand at making the donuts.
so thats what we did! and it wasnt that bad to clean up either.
enjoying his donuts. raelyn is always hanging on dave. they sit next to each other at every meal and she always ends up in his lap. she was sweet this year, she picked out the shirt that dave is wearing. she said she thought her daddy would love it and we needed to buy it for him. turns out she knows her daddy pretty well :)
garret, raelyn, brenna and jori- you have an amazing father! i know you know this by the way he tickles you and and loves on you, but also know that he is a very hard worker with a strong work ethic, he is a strong leader for our family, he is a talented carpenter and enjoys learning new things and having fun. he is a problem solver and is always thinking of how to make things, anything, better. he is always supportive of you and is thrilled to see you learning and growing, and he sure does love your momma good and take care of her in the best ways. you are so blessed to grow up with this man as your daddy!
happy fathers day, dave. we love you.

also happy fathers day to my own dad. thanks for being a good example of the kind of man i wanted to marry and have children of my own with. love you.


Linda said...

Oh my goodness Bonnie we LOVE Duck Donuts! So happy Dave told us about them so that we could get some when we went to Corolla...delicious! Looks like they turned out pretty yummy as the plates are empty! Dave seems like an amazing father and are blessed!

Ruth Poirier said...

donuts looked yummy, have you recovered? I agree Dave is an awesome father, you and your kids are very blessed. I also agree you have an awesome father too.

Tara said...

Oh, I love this post! How fun that you made your own donuts. They looked so yummy!

You are right: You have an awesome hubby and daddy! We love your whole family!