Thursday, June 2, 2011

playing in the rain

another childhood favorite memory... playing in the rain. the other day we had a light rain. no thunder, no lightning, and it was warm out still. i told they kids they could go play in it. it didnt take them long to get in their bathing suits and head out back.
our umbrella bot beat up and broken in our last huge storm so the kids turned it into a tent.

lol... i had to include this last pic just because it makes me laugh. even though she looks angrey, she was happy, i promise.


Kenzie said...

To cute Bon!!! I love Raelyns face in the first pic :P I can't wait to c all o u guys <3 u

Ruth Poirier said...

I remember rainy days :) the kids are sure having fun, your lawn looks so green and inviting too.