Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Redington Shores: Friday June 10th

our last day= sad!

by friday we were all in the pool and ocean again. squeezing out every second we had left at the condo. jori was enjoying the water finally and could actually splash in it without freaking herself out and crying.

and best of all.... BRENNA LEARNED HOW TO SWIM! the little stinker doesnt let to much time go by where one of her siblings can do something that she cant. she is a fighter that is for sure and swam and swam and swam until she pretty much fell asleep in the pool. poor girls eyes were pretty much swollen shut and i had to literally carry her upstairs for bed. she had a blast and was so proud of herself but boy was she pooped. :) again i very proud momma moment. it is so cool to see your children learn something new. i have a great video of her swimming. i will try to post that soon.

friday night we cooked out on the grills and had hot dogs for the kids and pork chops for us adults. it was so yummy. i love food cooked on a charcoal grill.

scott and nicole came over and hung with us while we ate our dinner and then watched the kids swim in the pool one last time. it was so neat that the girls got to show their aunt and uncle how they learned how to swim.

nicole and raelyn and i went to the shore to watch the sun set and i got these great picture of my sweet girl.

we got up early saturday morning and started getting to work cleaning the condo. we needed to clean the place and wash all the sheets because marcies aunt was coming right in after us to stay. they guys took all the sheets to the laundry mat and we stayed at the condo with the kids. we put a movie on for them and then got to work. it went a lot faster than i had expected and we got the car all packed up and were headed out of there by 10 am on saturday.
we got one last picture of us down under the pier. it was so sad to leave. i didnt want it to end. we had a great time.

thankful for
god working the timing out for us to go
great friends that invited us to go
safety in travel
all the little treasures we brought home that remind us of our trip


Emily Shipley said...

I have loved reading about everyday of your vacation! I am so glad you got to go I know how much this means to you guys! Maybe someday we can do a vacation together. :)

Tara said...

What a wonderful last day there!

Ruth Poirier said...

great pictures and fun times. so happy to hear you have a new "fishy" in the family.