Monday, June 20, 2011

Disney: Wednesday June 8th

when we first started talking about our vacation, the baughmans mentioned about going to disney too. we were so excited thinking we would be able to take our kids to DISNEY! things worked out again and we made it!

we took a break from our beach and pools days and drove over to orlando to go to THE MAGIC KINGDOM. it was about and hour and a half drive to get there so we got up really early and hit the road around 6:30. we tried to make it in time for the gait opening ceremony but we just missed it. it was ok though, the kids didnt have a clue.

they were actually kind of out of it for the first hour or so.... i think dave and i would more excited. they didnt really know what to expect. by lunch time they were so happy.... and dave was so happy. i had just as much fun watching him as i did the kids.

here we are with our tickets walking through the entrance gates. we took the ferry across the river and then got a stroller for the girls.
as we walked down main street i had to grab a couple of photos of the castle of course.
and a family shot
and another one!
this pic is of the girls and their friend in "its a small world" the picture is not good quality but i loves brennas expression, just taking it all in.

since we werent staying there over night, we wanted to get as much into one day as we could so we stayed for the light parade, projection show on the castle and fireworks. we had tired kids, but i think they enjoyed this part of the day so much! im so glad we stayed.

i decided not to bring my real camera with me so i just had my iphone to capture the day. there are many things that didnt get photographed, like all the rides we enjoyed, garret and raelyn did their first roller coasters and loved them. they both did thunder mountain and splash mountain. poor brenna wanted to so badly but was just about an inch to short. we will love them next time we go that is for sure.

i loved riding he coasters with the kids. roller coasters are one of my favorite things in the world. i always wanted a daughter to ride them with me. :)

so that is the very condensed version of our trip to disney. we had a great time reliving old memories of when dave and were kids going there, and watching our kids make their own memories. next time we go, we want to do the hotel and everything. really enjoy our time there. not feel so rushed.

we feel so blessed. many people in our area have never even left their county, let alone the state and go to disney. so much to be thankful for.

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Tara said...

Oh yay! So glad that you went. Jamie and I felt the same way: We loved just watching the kids enjoy it. Made us so happy!!! Maybe we can bring both of our families there together next time?!? Wouldn't that be a blast!!!