Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ocala: a visit with grandma joan

last week we took our first ever week long summer family vacation. we dont normally get to do this because we are busy with camp. some friends of ours invited us to meet up with them at a condo on the beach of the west coast of florida. just so happens that it was the one week we didnt have a group booked at the camp! a God thing for sure. i was thrilled when all the details worked out. we sure did have a great time.

our first stop on our road trip down was ocala. mom and kenzie even came up to spend some time with grandma while we were there too.
wow... the smells, sights and sounds of grandma joans house brings me right back to when i was garrets age. since i was just a baby we would go up to ocala in the summer and spend some time with grandma and grandpa. everything looks exactly like i remember it. i tried to take some photos to capture that feeling.
i remember sitting in these chairs at the bar and spinning just like my girls did while we were there.
even looking at these animal booklets... it was like deja vu.
little things in the picture above make me happy... the plastic bucket in the sink that has been there for years, the plastic plants hanging from the ceiling over the bar, the clock behind grandmas head, the kitchen cabinets.
these canisters had been on the counter ever since i can remember. i just loved being there.
here grandma joan took the kids out to her shed to show them the baby sugar gliders nest she has in there. they loved it of course. thanks to kenzie for grabbing my camera and taking these pictures.
something about the way grandma joan is holding raelyns hair makes my heart harm.
lol.... just had to include these cute little buns too.

after we spent some time at grandmas house we down to the river. she lives right next to Rainbow River. i wanted to take the kids here so badly as i remember spending many summers chilled to the bone swimming in the crystal clear, spring fed river.
the thing that was different this time compared to when i swam here with my brothers and sister is that my kids just ran right in! it used to take us forever to get our warm florida blood in that cold water.
the kids had no problem what so ever splashing and swimming in the water. i was so glad they enjoyed it.

grandma joan lit up when she got down to the river. it has always been one of her favorite places.

the water is so clear you and see all the fish swimming all around you. we got garret to sit still enough that they all came right up to him. one even nibbled on his finger :)

yeah for the self timer. after we swam and ate some pizza we got back in the car and headed to tampa to visit with my brother and sister in law.

sorry this post has so many pics, but get used to it. i have got tons! :)

thankful for:

my own memories at grandma and grandpas
the kids enjoying the river
the kids making memories with their great grandma
sugar gliders in the the shed
safe travels
great weather
seeing gram and kenzie


Ruth Poirier said...

This was an awesome post, sooo special in so many ways. I enjoyed most hearing how you are looking back and remembering things right down to the canisters and dish pan in the sink. Love the pic of all of us together and B's little buns peeking out.

kenzie said...

haha we had so much fun!! i love the pic of brenna with my glasses :D i love u guys!!! cant wait to come up <3 u

Tara said...

This post wasn't too long and you do not need to apologize for all the pictures! I loved reading about your time with your Grandma. How special!!!! Can't wait for more posts about your trip!

Aunt Karen said...

Great post, loved seeing all of the pictures of the kids and Joan. I know she loved having you there. And yes, I remember the cannisters from even longer ago than when you were a kid. Maybe from Boca??

Linda said...

I think we parents are often surprised by what you kids remember about trips to Grandma and Grandpas. How wonderful that some things haven't changed and you now have photos to match your memories! That water is so gorgeous being crystal clear! So happy you all were able to stop in Ocala!