Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new do

brenna has a new do! the girls have never had a professional hair cut. i always cut it. i always hold my breath while i do it and choose to leave it a little long just in case it needs to be fixed! this past time i cut brennas hair i went back and forth about giving her bangs. since her hair has been long enough to grab, she pulls it straight down in front of her face and twirls it while she sucks her thumb. this drives. me. crazy! i know it is something i will always remember about her but it sure is one of things i love to hate.
this above pic is before the hair cut..... well the cut turned out super cute but she still reaches to the side and twirls a piece of hair when she sucks her thumb. i tried.

thankful for:
a haircut that didnt need fixing
yummy smelling new air freshener in the house
chore chart working well
babies napping
trip nearing
a friends little boy recovering
carrots and dip

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Linda said...

So cute! I love your pictures and the daily lists of what you are thankful for! Great idea...